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Cypher Wednesday's, MJs Birthday Cypher

Tune in and WATCH MJs birthday cypher...3 hours of straight bars from the tri-state area's finest emcees, exclusively on the Lyrically Fit Artist Spotlight Radio Show



DoodleBug (Digable Planets) Live, Lyrically Fit Artist Spotlight Radio Show

MJ & LaCarr chop it up with DoodleBug (Cee Knowledge), Digable Planets!!! From the creation to the reunion, tune in!


recap it and WATCH LIVE http://livestream.com/accounts/17413713/events/5517095



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Stevie Franks, "The Objective"

Get to know Stevie Franks, who he is and what he represents!

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@steviefranksrap "Morals Over Money"

“Take all my lessons in my life how they teach me, accept the truth and no matter how it reach me, keep all the evil and nonsense beneath me, and let the bullshit go if it need be…I’m never giving up I’m a take it to the top, and the world keep turning like the hands is on the clock, and I gotta stand tall and pray to god I never drop, so I’m a go hard whether they killing me or not”. -Stevie Franks

“Morals Over Money” is by far the realest EP of Stevie Franks as of yet! With production by Trac-Qaeda each track will become your personal volume of the 10 Commandments! Stevie Franks is known for his realism, hard-core truth, raw emotion, with lyrics of pure substance and meaning.  “Morals Over Money” will motivate you to make change and become a better man, father, woman, mother, and overall human being. Once you press play the repeat button will be your next addicting hit!  Be sure to log in at www.steviefranks.com for everything @steviefranksrap. For all bookings contact MJ



@steviefranksrap MOrals Over Money Apparel & Clothing

Stevie Franks has launched his new apparel and clothing line, MOrals Over Money!  Click on the link to be re-directed to the page https://www.facebook.com/MoralsOverMoneyApparel/  Not just clothing, it's a lifestyle!

Miilkbone's "Voice of Reason"

The well anticipated return of Miilkbone has finally arrived with his latest LP, "Voice of Reason", available everywhere music is sold! Miilkbone, a product of the era of real Hip Hop, has brought fans back to the 90's with a twist of something new!

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@therealMICHANDZ "The Prelude"

“In anticipation of my newest project “My CoDeez”, which is slated to feature a powerhouse arsenal of artists ranging from Smoothe Da Hustler to Kool G Rap and more…I still have a love affair with the material recorded that didn’t make the cut for the project.  So as my team over at THEM Recordings deliberate over final mixes for the original project, I decided to gather the records that I love and place them on my personal play list appropriately entitled “The Prelude”, cause let’s face it I’m just tired of waiting”! –Mic Handz

It has been two years since Mic Handz has released a project!  Today the wait is over! “The Prelude” has officially dropped!  Although this is not an album, this project does speak volumes for itself.  This is the prelude to what is coming! This is the personal playlist and travel log bumping in the headphones of Mic Handz! Remember in the words of Handz himself, “It’s never me it’s always them”! 


@therealMICHANDZ Mission Is Clear Official Video

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@IAMDREADYKRUGER "Dreadful with Avengence"

Available now to download! "Dreadful with Avengence".  With this anticipated album of @IAMDREADYKRUGER, known as a lyrical beast, Dready delivers nothing but raw truth as an emcee and paints the perfect picture of his life through his profound lyrics. 



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Real shit right here! Press play and repeat!

ODB Jr. features contact MJ

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@TermanologyST Takes Time Out Of Touring To Chop It Up With MJ

Tune in now! Termanology and MJ chop it up about the tour life, Hip Hop, his Mas Goya Movement, album releases, and much more!





Krazy Drayz Chops It Up With MJ

Tune in as Krazy Drayz talks with MJ about Das Efx, the state of Hip Hop, touring, and so much more!  Tune in at


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